The control is made up of two buttons side by side. The First button works as a regular button and the second one will display a customizable drop down menu under the control.

Inherits from Catel.Windows.Controls.UserControl.

DropDownButton 01


Property name Description
AccentColorBrush Gets or sets accent color.
ArrowLocation Gets or sets arrow location (Left, Top, Right or Bottom).
ArrowMargin Gets or sets arrow margin.
Command Gets or sets the command to execute when the button itself is clicked.
DropDown Gets or sets the drop down content (e.g. context menu).
EnableTransparentBackground Gets or sets whether transparency enabled.
Header Gets or sets button caption.
ShowDefaultButton Gets or sets whether arrow button has default view.

How to use

Specify Header and DropDown. If you need to handle button click itself bind to Command property.

<orc:DropDownButton Header="Action" Command="{Binding DefaultAction}">
            <MenuItem Header="Item 1"/>
            <MenuItem Header="Item 2"/>
            <MenuItem Header="Item 2"/>

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