The regular TabControl in WPF only supports lazy-loading of the views inside the tabs. The TabControl provided by this library supports lots of different options.

Inherits from System.Windows.Controls.TabControl.

Option Description
LazyLoading Load all tabs using lazy loading, but keeps the tabs in memory afterwards.
LazyLoadingUnloadOthers Load all tabs using lazy loading. As soon as a tab is loaded, all other loaded tabs will be unloaded.
EagerLoading Load all tabs as soon as the tab control is loaded.
EagerLoadingOnFirstUse Load all tabs when any of the tabs is used for the first time.


Property name Description
LoadTabItems Gets or sets load tab items strategy (LazyLoading, LazyLoadingUnloadOthers, EagerLoading or EagerLoadingOnFirstUse);

How to use

<orc:TabControl LoadBehavior="EagerLoading">
  <TabItem ... />
  <TabItem ... />
  <TabItem ... />

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