This control is used to display and edit TimeSpan values.

Inherits from Catel.Windows.Controls.UserControl.

By default it will display the value using the dd.hh:mm:ss format.

TimeSpan 01

TimeSpan 02

When hovering over the control, the tooltip will display the timespan in total number of days, hours and minutes.

Double click on any of the d, h, m or s letters, to edit the TimeSpan value with the specified unit of measure. (i.e. days, hours, minutes, seconds)

TimeSpan 03

TimeSpan 04

TimeSpan 05


Property name Description
AccentColorBrush Gets or sets accent color.
Value Gets or sets current TimeSpan value.
IsReadonly Gets or sets value indicating whether Value readonly.

How to use TimeSpan

Bind a TimeSpan value to the Value property:

    <orc:TimeSpanPicker Value="{Binding TimeSpanValue}"/>

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