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Use command line the easy way.

Quick introduction

Using this library is easy:

public class MyContext : ContextBase
	[Option(' ', "", HelpText = "The file name to start with")]
	public string FileName { get; set; }

	[Option('b', "bool", AcceptsValue = false, HelpText = "Some boolean switch")]
	public bool BooleanSwitch { get; set; }

	[Option('i', "int", HelpText = "Some integer switch")]
	public int IntegerSwitch { get; set; }

	[Option('s', "string", HelpText = "Some string switch")]
	public string StringSwitch { get; set; }

Then use this code:

// Environment.CommandLine also contains current application path, it is removed with this extension method
var commandLine = Environment.CommandLine.GetCommandLine(true);
var context = new MyContext();

var validationContext = commandLineParser.Parse(commandLine, context);
if (validationContext.HasErrors)
	// something bad happened

if (context.IsHelp)
	// Use the IHelpWriterService to output the help
	var helpContent = helpWriterService.ConvertToString(context);
	// TODO: write to console or show as a message box

// Handle the context here

This will successfully parse a command line like this:

myapp.exe somefile /b -string somestring /i 42

Allowed switches

The library supports 2 types of switches, / and -. For example:

An option definition has a short and long name. Both can be used as a switch.

Accepts value

The AcceptsValue property should only be used on boolean properties. When they are specified, they are assumed to be true (defaulting to false).

Processoring raw values

It’s possible to retrieve all key/value pairs passed in the command line, even when switches are not specified upfront. This is extremely useful in scenarios where the command line is used to override dynamic properties.

var rawValues = context.RawValues;
myValue = rawValues["someswitch"];

The RawValues dictionary is case-insensitive.


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