This control looks like a regular DatePicker but allows you to edit a date quickly.

Inherits from Catel.Windows.Controls.UserControl.

DatePicker 01

Double click on any number to start editing. Press the “Tab” key to move to the next number.

Click on a letter to display a drop down list to choose from.


Property nameDescription
AccentColorBrushGets or sets accent color
AllowNullGets or sets whether Value can be null.
AllowCopyPasteGets or sets whether Value can be copy/paste.
FormatGets or sets DateTime Value format.
IsReadOnlyGets or sets whether Value is only for read.
IsYearShortFormatGets whether year in short format.
ShowOptionsButtonGets or sets whether options button is visible.
ValueGets or sets current DateTime value

How to use

Bind a DateTime value to the Value property:

    <orc:DatePicker Value="{Binding DateValue}" />


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