This control looks like a regular TextBox with autocomplection and suggested value list.

Inherits from System.Windows.Controls.ContentControl.

FilterBox 01

Start typing and you will see a drop down list with possible matches. The drop down list will automatically update itself as you are typing.

FilterBox 02

Click on the ‘x’ button to reset the text box.

FilterBox 03


Property nameDescription
AccentColorBrushGets or sets accent color.
AllowAutoCompletionGets or sets whether autocompletion is allowed.
FilterSourceGets or sets the collection of items shown in the drop down list
PropertyNameGet or sets the name of the property you want to use to filter the items in the collection with.
TextGets or sets text entered by the user, which is used to filter the items in the FilterSource collection
WatermarkGets or sets watermark.

How to use

<orc:FilterBox PropertyName="Value" 
	           FilterSource="{Binding FilterSource}" 
	           Text="{Binding FilterText}"/>


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