This control is a label which looks and behaves like a hyperlink.

Inherits from System.Windows.Controls.Label.

LinkLabel 01


Property nameDescription
ClickBehaviorGets or sets click behavior. Can be OpenUrlInBrowser or Undefined.
CommandGets or sets command.
CommandParameterGets or sets command parameter.
CommandTargetGets or sets command target.
HasUrlGet whether url has a value.
HoverForegroundGets or sets hover foreground.
HyperlinkStyleGets or sets the hyperlink style.
LinkLabelBehaviorGets or sets link label behavior. Can be SystemDefault, AlwaysUnderline, HoverUnderline, NeverUnderline.
UrlGet or sets the URL.


Event nameDescription
ClickOccurs on click.
RequestNavigateOccurs on request navigate.

How to use

<orc:LinkLabel Content="Action" ToolTip="Action" Command="{Binding DefaultAction}"
               HoverForeground="Orange" Url=""

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