This control allows user to choose an existing file directory.

Inherits from Catel.Windows.Controls.UserControl.

OpenFilePicker 01


Property nameDescription
BaseDirectoryGets or sets directory path that will be displayed when open file dialog open.
FilterGets or sets filter string that determines what types of files are displayed from the open file dialog.
LabelWidthGets or sets label width.
LabelTextGets or sets label content.
SelectedFileGets or sets selected file path.

How to use

Specify label text and width and bind a file path to the SelectedFile property. Also you can specify file filter.

<orc:OpenFilePicker LabelText="OpenFilePicker control"
                    SelectedFile="{Binding SelectedFile}"
                    Filter="Image files (*.bmp, *.jpg)|*.bmp;*.jpg|All files (*.*)|*.*" />

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