This control created to display IValidationContext.

Inherits from Catel.Windows.Controls.UserControl.

The IValidationContext container allows querying of all validations of a model (ViewModel) object. So this control can be very useful when user accepting model (viewModel) changes (in dialogs, forms etc).

ValidationContextControl 01


Property nameDescription
AccentColorBrushGets or sets accent color.
IsExpandedAllOnStartupGets or sets value indicating whether all nodes of validation context tree expanded on startup.
ShowButtonsGets or sets whether Open and Copy buttons (see picture above) are visible.
ShowFilterBoxGets or sets whether FilterBox (see picture above) is visible.
ValidationContextGets or sets displayed validation context.

How to use

Bind IValidationContext value to ValidationContext property of control.

<orc:ValidationContextView x:Name="validationContextView" 
                           ValidationContext="{Binding ValidationContext}"
                           IsExpandedAllOnStartup="True" />


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