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In .NET, it is possible to create fully dynamic objects. This makes it possible to create types of which the members are not yet known at compile time.

@alert info For more information about dynamic programming, see MSDN. @end

Creating dynamic objects

Creating a dynamic object with full Catel functionality is easy. Just add the Orc.DynamicObjects reference via NuGet and create a class that derives from DynamicModelBase:

public class DynamicModel : DynamicModelBase
	// TODO: Add custom functionality if required

Then the dynamic model can be used like this:

dynamic model = new DynamicModel();
model.NonExistingProperty = "a dynamic value";

@alert important It is important to know that you must use the keyword dynamic to instantiate the type. @end

Using ModelBase functionality

The DynamicModelBase class derives from ModelBase. However it must be preceded by the dynamic keyword. To use the ModelBase functionality, cast it to the right type:

dynamic model = new DynamicModel();
model.NonExistingProperty = "a dynamic value";
// Note: the Validate method is available on the ModelBase
var modelBase = (ModelBase)model;

Supporting serialization of dynamic objects

Dynamic objects in Catel fully support the default serialization that Catel provides. To example below shows how to serialize a dynamic object:

dynamic model = new DynamicModel();
model.NonExistingProperty = "a dynamic value";

var serializer = SerializationFactory.GetXmlSerializer();

using (var memoryStream = new MemoryStream())
	var dynamicModel = (DynamicModel)model;
	serializer.Serialize(dynamicModel, memoryStream);

	memoryStream.Position = 0L;

	dynamic deserializedModel = serializer.Deserialize(typeof(DynamicModel), memoryStream);
	var deserializedDynamicModel = (DynamicModel) deserializedModel;

	// deserializedDynamicModel is now a dynamically deserialized object

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