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Find the source at https://github.com/WildGums/Orc.NuGetExplorer.

This library provides everything you need to explore and download packages from the NuGet gallery as well as any private feed.

It can be used as part of a plugin system for your application.


NuGet Packages

library consists of two NuGet packages:


Packages available:

NuGetExplorer 01

Available updates:

NuGetExplorer 02

Recommended updates:

NuGetExplorer 03

How to use

NuGetExplorer is made up of several services:



Usage of IPackagesUIService for showing NuGetExplorer dialog box

public class NuGetManager
    private readonly IPackagesUIService _packagesUiService;
    public NuGetManager(IPackagesUIService packagesUiService)
        Argument.IsNotNull(() => packagesUiService);
        _packagesUiService = packagesUiService;
    private async Task ShowNuGetDialog()
	    await _packagesUiService.ShowPackagesExplorer();

Use IPackageBatchService and IPackagesUpdatesSearcherService for checking for updates

public class SmartUpdater
    private readonly IPackagesUpdatesSearcherService _packagesUpdatesSearcherService;
    private readonly IPackageBatchService _packageBatchService;
    public SmartUpdater(IPackageBatchService packageBatchService, IPackagesUpdatesSearcherService packagesUpdatesSearcherService)
        Argument.IsNotNull(() => packageBatchService);
        Argument.IsNotNull(() => packagesUpdatesSearcherService);
        _packageBatchService = packageBatchService;
        _packagesUpdatesSearcherService = packagesUpdatesSearcherService;
    private async Task ShowRecommenedUpdates()
        var packages = await _packagesUpdatesSearcherService.SearchForUpdatesAsync(false);
	    await _packageBatchService.ShowPackagesBatchAsync(packages, PackageOperationType.Update);


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