Declaring modules

When developing a module in Prism, most of the time you need a base class for all the models that contain the IoC container, IRegionManager and more. To make development with prism and Catel as easy as possible, the ModuleBase is included with Orc.Prism. There are two versions of the ModuleBase available, which are described below.

Generic ModuleBase

The generic module base allows the end-developer to decide what IoC container is used. For example, the developer has the choice whether the ServiceLocator or any other IoC container such as Unity or MEF is used.

Defining a module

Defining a module is very simple. Just create a new class with the ModuleBase as base class.

public class MyModule : ModuleBase<IServiceLocator>
	public MyModule()
		: base("My module", ServiceLocator.Instance.ResolveType<IModuleTracker>(), ServiceLocator.Instance)

	protected override T GetService<T>()
		return Container.ResolveType<T>();

Handling code when the module is initialized

The ModuleBase contains convenience methods when the module is initialized. Simple override the OnInitializing or OnInitialized methods.

Non-generic ModuleBase

The non-generic base uses the ServiceLocator as default IoC container. This class derives from the generic module base and specifies the ServiceLocator as IoC container.


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