Translating or customizing

Starting with version 1.0, it is possible to fully customize the bootstrapper tasks. Orc.Prism now uses the IBootstrapperTaskFactory to create the tasks instead of the bootstrapper itself. To customize the logic, one has to implement his/her own version of the IBootstrapperTaskFactory. The easiest way to do this is to derive from the existing BootstrapperTaskFactory and register it in the service locator before the bootstrapper is created.

Customizing the messages

The example below customizes the messages that are shown during the initialization tasks.

public class TranslatedBootstrapperTaskFactory : BootstrapperTaskFactory
    public override ITask CreateCreateLoggerTask(Action action)
        return CreateCreateLoggerTask(action, "We are now creating the logger for you");

Remember to register the TranslatedBootstrapperTaskFactory before the bootstrapper is created

Note that this example only customizes a single action. To customize all the actions, override all methods


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