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Creates support packages of software by gathering relevant information.

Quick introduction

The support package library makes it easy to gather information from any software component in a zip file that can be sent to support engineers.

Below is an overview of the most important components:

Creating a support package

By default the support package service gathers system info (using Orc.SystemInfo) and the %AppData% folder of the current user. To create a support package, use the following code:

await _supportPackageService.CreateSupportPackage(_saveFileService.FileName);

Adding custom files / folders to a support package

It can be very useful to add more than just the %AppData% to a support package (such as a memory dump of the application). In that case the only thing one has to do is create a type implementing the ISupportPackageProvider interface as shown below:

public class CustomSupportPackageProvider : SupportPackageProviderBase
	public override async Task Provide(ISupportPackageContext supportPackageContext)
		Argument.IsNotNull(() => supportPackageContext);

		var file = supportPackageContext.GetFile("testfile.txt");
		File.WriteAllText(file, "custom suppport package contents");

The code above will create an additional testfile.txt in the root of the support package.


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