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Orchestra is a composable WPF shell and framework built on top of Catel.

It has been in active development for over 5 years (initial commit 2012/06/18) and is used in numerous Line of Business (LoB) applications on a daily basis.

Orchestra consists of a main shell including an SDK with services that allow developers to communicate with the shell.


Provide a robust yet flexible LOB shell, designed with best practices in mind, to jump start the development of desktop applications.

In other words, we wanted to create a shell that dramatically speeds up the time it takes to release a LOB application to market by enabling developers to concentrate more on the business logic and less on scaffolding.

Available Shells

Orchestra provides support for two different shells:

Fluent ribbon shellMahApps shell
Fluent Ribbon 01MahApps 01
Fluent Ribbon 02

NuGet packages


A good working knowledge of Inversion of Control (IoC).

Orchestra features

Orchestra + module features

We purposely designed Orchestra to be a lightweight shell. However you can ‘super charge’ it with the following open source libraries: (We use all these libraries with Orchestra. In fact they were designed to work seamlessly with Orchestra. Hint: the libraries all start with Orc.*)

You can find the full list here.

Other similar open source projects


We would like to thank the following contributors:

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